scottishathletics National U13 Championships - 19th August

Date: Saturday, August 19 2017 Contact Phone: 0131 476 7335
Venue: Scotstoun Stadium Email:
Type: Track and Field Web:


Events: SAL NON
Sprint Hurdles £7.50 £7.50
100m £7.50 £7.50
200m £7.50 £7.50
800m £7.50 £7.50
1500m £7.50 £7.50
Long Jump £7.50 £7.50
High Jump £7.50 £7.50
Shot Put £7.50 £7.50
Discus £7.50 £7.50
Javelin £7.50 £7.50

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 All forms of entry closed on the 6th August 2017 NO LATE ENTRIES will be accepted.

Entry Restrictions
Under 13 Athletes may ENTER a maximum of 2 events only over the course of the National Championships
Under 15 Athletes may ENTER a maximum of 2 events only over the course of the National Championships

Individual Entries
Can only be submitted online. NO individual entries will be accepted by post or by email.
When entering online you will receive two email confirmations, one from scottishathletics and one from the payment provider Sagepay. If you only receive one or neither, please contact scottishathletics otherwise you may not be registered.
If you are experiencing difficulties with entering online, please make sure that your membership is activated. You can check this by contacting scottishathletics on 0131 476 7321 or email:

Club Entries
A club entry form is available to download. These forms must be completed correctly, and posted with payment attached. Club entry forms sent via email will NOT be accepted until payment has been received.

scottishathletics Track and Field Championships Club Representation Rule
The following rule will be introduced as a pilot as of 1st April 2017, with full implementation from 1st October 2017.

Track and Field Championship Rule for scottishathletics members with multiple club memberships

  • Athletes who do not have a Scottish Club affiliation on the provision they are a member of their National Governing Body can compete for their non Scottish Club at the Championships.
  • scottishathletics athletes who in addition to being a member of a Scottish Club are also members of a non-Scottish Club should compete for their Scottish Club at all scottishathletics Championship events.
  • scottishathletics athletes who are members of more than one Scottish Club must identify at the point of entry which club they intend to represent.  This is regardless of their membership status of each club.
  • Athletes may only compete for one Scottish Club at scottishathletics Championship events over the course of any competition year. (Running annually from 1st October).  i.e. Athletes must compete for the same club in the District and National Championships. (Except Track and Field Relays)

The above rule will allow athletes who have changed their first claim club for competition purposes to be eligible to compete in District and National Championships for the club of their choosing.
Additional Guidance
Club Vests: UKA Rule 143S1 applies to clothing worn at the Championships.
Athletes may only represent their University if the University Athletics Club is affiliated to scottishathletics for Track & Field competition.

Refund Policy
As a policy, scottishathletics do not provide refunds. However, if an event receives less than 3 entries, the Championship Committee reserve the right to cancel that event and if no other suitable arrangement can be made, a refund may be offered.

Age Groups/Qualification
Under 13: Born between 01/09/04 and 31/08/06
Under 15: Born between 01/09/02 and 31/08/04
Under 17: Born between 01/09/00 and 31/08/02
Under 20: Born between 31/12/97 and 31/08/00
Senior: Born before 31/12/97
Master: 35 and over on day of competition (5-year age group)

Additional Field Event Information
High Jump Starting Heights
1m11 U13 BOYS
1m11 U13 GIRLS
1m31 U15 BOYS
1m24 U15 GIRLS
All heights will progress in 5cm increments.

Pole Vault Starting Heights and Progressions
All Ages 2m00 – 2m20 – 2m35 – 2m50 and 10cms thereafter

Triple Jump Available Boards
7m/9m U15 GIRLS U15 BOYS
7m/9m U20 WOMEN
9m/11m/13m U20 MEN

Entry Restrictions
In accordance with UKA Rules of Competition, Rule 141 S1 and Rule 21 S4(6)

- Other than when competing in a combined event U13's may compete in a maximum of 2 events within the championships.
- No athlete in this age group is allowed to compete in any race at 300m & 400m, nor in more than one race between 600m and 1mile inclusive on the same day (24hr Period).
- 800m and 1500m races will be run as Timed Finals.  These will be seeded per athletes declared seed times and personal bests.  Medals will be awarded to the three fastest times recorded, regardless of which Timed Final they were achieved in.

- Other than when competing in a combined event U15's may compete in a maximum of 2 events within the championships.
- No athlete in this age group is allowed to run in more than one different event between 600m and 3000m inclusive on the same day (24hr period).
- Triple Jump restrictions: 7m and 9m boards will be available only.  Run Ups will be restricted to a maximum distance of 15m from the take-off board.

- Juniors may not compete in more than 4 events within the Championships. If Juniors are competing in a combined event, they are not allowed to compete in any other event on the same day
- Juniors may only run in track events up to and including 10000m

scottishathletics reserve the right to review and amend Terms & Conditions without prior notice or consultation.

National Championships: Qualifying Conditions.

Following a formal competition review by the Track and Field Commission of scottishathletics the following entry restrictions will be implemented for National Championships.  This is to ensure as many athletes as possible have the opportunity to compete and to adhere to UKA Rule 2 S2(ii) in relation to the maximum length of day for an athletics competition.

Entry Restrictions
Under 13 Athletes may ENTER a maximum of 2 events only over the course of the National Championships
Under 15 Athletes may ENTER a maximum of 2 events only over the course of the National Championships
Under 17 Athletes may ENTER a maximum of 3 events only over the course of the National Championships

Athletes who exceed this number of entries will be contacted and asked to confirm which events they intend to enter.

Athletes with a verified performance standard as outlined below will be guaranteed entry into the National Championships, in addition athletes ranked in the top 10 in Scotland as of the closing date and/or achieved a top 3 performance in their District Championships will also be guaranteed their entry.

Should the total entry exceed 24 then athletes who do not meet the criteria will have their entry rejected and fee refunded.
U13 GIRLS 3m80          U13 BOYS 3m80
U15 GIRLS 4m60          U15 BOYS 4m80
U17 GIRLS None          U17 MEN None
U20 Women None         U20 Men None
Senior Women None     Senior Men None
Performances will be ratified via

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